PhotoShop Oil Painting Style

What you can create using the Oil Paint stylize filter in PhotoShop.

Spegazzini glacier

This is the Spegazzini glacier in Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, and it’s massive. With a capital M. It makes a 3 decker boat look like a bath toy, this isn’t the whole glacier there is still more. You don’t really understand the scale of it until you get up close, viaContinue reading “Spegazzini glacier”

How to clean your Airplane seat.

This is going to sound very hipster but I was cleaning my seat and wearing a mask before COVID-19. To be fair I have asthma which is why I took these measures before COVID-19, or B.C. as I think of it. Here’s the thing about all mass transit, it’s messy, dirty, and icky when youContinue reading “How to clean your Airplane seat.”