Visiting Utah

Part Eight Today’s trip was to Arches National Park at “The Fins,” where the rock formations are flat triangles, hence the name “Fins.” It’s a short drive from Moab, but the clouds overtook the sky, so no night photography and the sunset was a bit drab in color. Sometimes, the weather works against you, IContinue reading “Visiting Utah”

Visting Utah

Part Three It was time to leave the Bison behind and continue to Bryce; once you leave Salt Lake City, the road opens to 80 MPH, and you can just hit the cruise control and listen to some road trip music. After a lunch break, it is time to leave the Highway/Interstate/Motorway for Scenic RouteContinue reading “Visting Utah”

Visiting Utah

Part Two First full day in Utah, a restful night’s sleep and a good breakfast is a great way to start the day. Day two was the slow drive down to Ruby’s Inn, a few miles outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. Ruby’s is a loge, RV, and Camping area with a restaurant, gift shop,Continue reading “Visiting Utah”

Why is Leonardo Divenci buried in France?

Visiting France Part 3 I saw a lot of Chateau the first few days, and Chateau Royal d’Amboise was unexpected because Leonardo (the artist, not the TMNT) Divenci was buried there. The Chapel of Saint-Hubert on the Chateau grounds, it’s just a large stone slab in the private/small Chapel. It’s odd to find the famousContinue reading “Why is Leonardo Divenci buried in France?”

Visting France

Part Two Chateau de Chenonceau, or as our guide called it, the Lady’s Chateau, because all the renowned owners were women. The Chateau became part of the crown’s (the king’s) holders, and he gifted it to The Girl in the Fireplace from Dr. Who, AKA Diane de Poitiers, the King’s Mistress. She outlived the KingContinue reading “Visting France”

Visiting France

Part 1 France has been in the news this week, and I just wanted to share photos of France not being on fire. Let’s hop in the way back machine to 2017 for my trip to France. Today is all about Chateau’s, which is french for very fancy posh house. Chateau de Chambord was theContinue reading “Visiting France”

Old Made New.

The photo below shows a small wooden boat parked in the Thermaic Gulf in Thessaloniki, Greece. My trip to Greece was about seven cameras ago, I don’t use years for my photos; just how many cameras have passed between now and then. This photo is so old it was under 1MB. I have since purchased the TopazContinue reading “Old Made New.”