How to clean your Airplane seat.

This is going to sound very hipster but I was cleaning my seat and wearing a mask before COVID-19. To be fair I have asthma which is why I took these measures before COVID-19, or B.C. as I think of it. Here’s the thing about all mass transit, it’s messy, dirty, and icky when youContinue reading “How to clean your Airplane seat.”

Travel Tips: What to Pack Edition!

Make a list of everything you want to pack and when you pack the item in your bag, cross it off the list. Keeps you from repacking if you want to double-check. Pack twice the amount of medication you will need for your trip, if you are going for one week then take enough forContinue reading “Travel Tips: What to Pack Edition!”

You travel a lot where should I go on my vacation or holiday?

I’ve been to a lot of places so I do get asked this question, I usually reply with a few more questions to help them narrow it down. I now pass the checklist to you all, hold for applause, and as the Rock said in Moana, You’re Welcome. Question 1: How much time do youContinue reading “You travel a lot where should I go on my vacation or holiday?”