Whale of Tale to tell you!

Creative abstract photo created with model of a whale shark, LED lights, and dark background.

Snail Stink Eye

I’ve been working on macro photography with my snails, fish, and shrimp; and I caught my snail giving me the stink eye. This is a Tiger Nerite snail, it’s about one-inch big gliding on a plant leaf. If you are looking for a snail for a freshwater aquarium this is the snail to get. TheyContinue reading “Snail Stink Eye”

Death by Donut.

I haven’t been able to get out much, like a lot of people this past year, so I’ve started working on indoor creativity. I now have two freshwater aquariums and one dry terrarium with succulents plants. My latest project started with a Skulls in vintage wigs and has morphed into Skeletons in different art styles.Continue reading “Death by Donut.”

Spegazzini glacier

This is the Spegazzini glacier in Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, and it’s massive. With a capital M. It makes a 3 decker boat look like a bath toy, this isn’t the whole glacier there is still more. You don’t really understand the scale of it until you get up close, viaContinue reading “Spegazzini glacier”

What the F-Stop!

What is this f-stop that camera nerds talk about, and why does it come up when explaining why my phone camera isn’t as good as their very expensive camera? Focal-STOP AKA f-stop is the “aperture” opening of a camera lens, which allows light to come in. Clear as mud right? For years people told me the F-stop orContinue reading “What the F-Stop!”