Practical Travel Tips

Five helpful travel tips for anyone leaving the country.

Forced Creativity with Mushrooms

AKA Fun with Fungus After heavy rain in summer, you get these white mushrooms that pop in a day and are gone in another. So break out the camera and start clicking, because you can have fun with fungi…..who doesn’t love a good pun. When photographing mushrooms or mushroom like fungi there are two thingContinue reading “Forced Creativity with Mushrooms”

Snail Stink Eye

I’ve been working on macro photography with my snails, fish, and shrimp; and I caught my snail giving me the stink eye. This is a Tiger Nerite snail, it’s about one-inch big gliding on a plant leaf. If you are looking for a snail for a freshwater aquarium this is the snail to get. TheyContinue reading “Snail Stink Eye”

Forced Creativity part something

For this project I used the app PhotoScape X, there is free version and a Pro version at 35 USD (one time cost). I am not sponsored by this app, I used texture filters, pre-created shapes, and bright colors to create digital Images. The one below is rectangles lined against each other with an addedContinue reading “Forced Creativity part something”

Death by Donut.

I haven’t been able to get out much, like a lot of people this past year, so I’ve started working on indoor creativity. I now have two freshwater aquariums and one dry terrarium with succulents plants. My latest project started with a Skulls in vintage wigs and has morphed into Skeletons in different art styles.Continue reading “Death by Donut.”