Visting Utah

Part Three

It was time to leave the Bison behind and continue to Bryce; once you leave Salt Lake City, the road opens to 80 MPH, and you can just hit the cruise control and listen to some road trip music.

After a lunch break, it is time to leave the Highway/Interstate/Motorway for Scenic Route 12, which starts at Dixie National Forrest.

Sometimes, choosing between color and black-and-white images is hard, so which do you prefer, the one above or the one below?

A warning about Scenic Route 12: two lanes go up and down in elevation, sometimes at a 10-degree angle. This means it’s a steep climb up, and you need to stand on the brake going down. The road has many sharp, curly turns and no guardrails; there is also a section where you go so far up you can not see what the road does until you are over the peak. It goes straight down. This road is not for everyone and can get harder due to the weather, and I would not drive it at night.

There are other routes to take, and the scenery is everywhere in southern Utah.

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