Visting France

Part Two

Chateau de Chenonceau, or as our guide called it, the Lady’s Chateau, because all the renowned owners were women. The Chateau became part of the crown’s (the king’s) holders, and he gifted it to The Girl in the Fireplace from Dr. Who, AKA Diane de Poitiers, the King’s Mistress. She outlived the King and was swiftly kicked out by the King’s widow, Queen Catherine de Medici. I think she told Diane, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

The Chateau’s passed out of the Crown’s holding and was gifted to Louise Dupin, who was a member of the Enlightenment movement. When the revolution happened, her home was not looted because she was a friend to the French People.

Mary Queen of Scot, as in Queen Mary vs. Queen Elizabeth fame, also spent time in the Chateau as she was Queen of France due to her marriage to Queen de Medici’s oldest son, Francis II, who died of an ear issue. No one is sure what killed him because ear pain and fever can cover a lot of medical issues like infection, abscess, or we can always throw in the plague. They had no children so Mary was sent back to Scotland, and Mommy Dearest took the reins for her younger son.

Who doesn’t love a wishing well?

Even the ducks are extra in France.

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