Visiting Antarctica

Trip to Petermann island in Antarctica, with mountains and jumping penguins.

Visting Antarctica

Part One: Days 1 &2 A couple of things upfront. If you are taking a boat or maybe flying to Antarctica, you will end or start your journey in the same place, Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. It’s a city of 90K people carved between the Martial Mountains and the cold watersContinue reading “Visting Antarctica”

Surreal Duck

This photo is of the mountain peak in the Torres del Plains National Park Patagonia, Chile. The water reflection is a grassy field with a herd of Guanaco, It looks like a llama, but it’s not. I cropped the mountain peak, copied and pasted my cropped image, then rotated and flipped the photo to makeContinue reading “Surreal Duck”