Visiting Utah

Part Two

First full day in Utah, a restful night’s sleep and a good breakfast is a great way to start the day. Day two was the slow drive down to Ruby’s Inn, a few miles outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. Ruby’s is a loge, RV, and Camping area with a restaurant, gift shop, general store, US Post office, and Gas station. You can drive to Bryce Sunset point in 5 mins.

The first stop of the day is Antelope Island State Park, it’s 50 miles north of SLC and lays inside the Great Salt Lake. The big attraction for me is the Bison Herd, most people call them buffalo but they aren’t buffalos they are Bison. Bison’s come in three flavors, Forrest, Plains, and European; the herd on the Island are Plains Bison.

I didn’t have a banana for scale so I included the Camper Van on the road.

Bison like to wallow, they lay down and roll around in the dirt, the bison is so big it creates it’s own deust cloud.

If you look behind the adult bison you will see a little calf, following it’s parent.

The island has more than bison to offer, they have birds, sunflowers, and refelctions in the salt lake as well. I wish I could of spend a whole day here, the sunsets and sunrises must be gorgeous.

View from the road leading into the park.

Most of these birds are American White Pelican or Pelecanus erythrorhynchos.

I added the Claude Monet photoshop filter to one of my sunflower images; fun fact sunflowers are native to South America.

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