Visiting Antarctica

Part Twelve Deception Island

This island is in South Shetlands and is a caldera with an active volcano; the last time it erupted was in 1969. It’s still so warm that snow doesn’t stick to the shoreline, and the rocky beach has a red hue. It was once a whaling station, but they didn’t want to deal with the lava. It has been used as a science station, but only in the summer.

We have some new animals on the island, the first is a female elephant seal, and the other is the chinstrap penguin. The elephant seal is sunbathing next to old tankers used to hold fuel (whale oil and, later on, gasoline). Remember, I have a good zoom lens; I’m not close to the seal.

I guess the elephant seal like a firm mattress; I’m not sure what sleep number matches steel.

We also saw fur seals during yoga; I love those long whiskers.

Hey, can I get a deep-fried krill meal deal? What do you mean those are penguins and not waiters in a tux??

Oh that hit the spot.

One Gentoo Penguin with a posse of Chinstrap Penguins.

I like the reflection in leftover water from the last wave. It’s a band album cover.

Some of the buildings that remain after the volcano erupted, I’m surprised the wood didn’t burn.

Science vessel passing through the island, checking up on the tourist.

The “modern” gas/oil tanks.

We close up with Cape petrel just bobbing in the ocean.

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