Visiting France

Part 1

France has been in the news this week, and I just wanted to share photos of France not being on fire. Let’s hop in the way back machine to 2017 for my trip to France.

Today is all about Chateau’s, which is french for very fancy posh house.

Chateau de Chambord was the largest of the Chateau’s we saw on this trip, images how much wood it took to heat this building. I didn’t go inside because it’s emtpy, during the French Revoluation everything was taken.

You might be asking, why was this built and the answer is it was a hunting lodge for the King of France and then became bigger in order to show it off. The King spend 72 days in this building; I’m guessing he got lost and it took 71 days to get out. To be fair I’m starting to see the point of the Revoluation and taking everything inside.

Remember this is just the largest Chateau in the Loire Valley, which means there are bigger Chateau’s in France. There are poeple for scale on the balcony in the middle of the image.

Building round up:

  1. 440 rooms, 83 staircases, 282 fireplaces, zero toilets (when it was built, they have them now)
  2. The Château de Chambord Park is as vast as inner Paris. It is the largest enclosed park in Europe.
  3. It was built between 1519 and 1547, with a brief pause when France went to war with Italy.
  4. The tallest tower is 56 meters or 183 ft tall.
  5. It took forever to clean.

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