Orange Cones

What is it about orange traffic cones that make people go 35mph in a 55mph three-lane highway (for metric users, doing 60 in a 90 zone). And are they the same people that slow down when going up a hill?

Greetings future readers!

If you are from the present or near future then join me with virtual travel, which is all we have due to COVID-19 and #LockDown2020. If you are reading this in the future you surely remember these days of endless Netflix shows and fearing the sound of a cough. For those in the distant future, this time period is in history books and old people tell you where they did during the COVID 2020 period. Or the whole thing is forgotten and COVID-19 is a tricky question in some trivia quiz.

Regardless you are here reading this, and I am sorry you have to read what I write, English is my first language but I hold it in great disdain. There are no rules and nothing makes sense, like why does ph sound like an F when we have the letter F for the F sound?

My plan for this blog is to provide practical or useful travel and camera tips. I’m always mad at “travel cheaper” books or articles that include just show up at the airport and get on a cheap waitlist. I don’t know about you but I have a job and I don’t have vacation days to waste sitting in an airport. Come join me on my travels if any of this sounds fun, funny, or helpful.