Mochi Donuts are gluten-free and about half the calories of a donut, so you can eat two.

If you don’t love sprinkles I just can’t help you. 🙂

Mochi Donuts are made with rice and tapioca flour, so they are gluten-free. The texture is chewy but in a good way, it’s not a granola mix chewy. When taking food photos I like the colorful pattern plates vs the plain white you see sometimes.

White Sands National Park doesn’t have sand.

White Sands National Park in New Mexico USA, doesn’t have sand. It looks like sand but it’s really powered gypsum crystals. It also feels like wet sand but it doesn’t cling, you can brush it off like dry sand.


I love the nightlight, I like to boogie

Forced Creativity part 99.

For this photo, I purchased small mason jars with a handle and brightly colored LED lights. I wanted for the nightfall, got out my tripod, and took these photos from my balcony. The orange bokken lights in the background are lights from the apartment building across from me. Focusing on the glass jar with a low F-stop created a blurry background and a little bit of photo edit helped to darken the background.

Below is an example of the mason light jar for sale on Amazon, Walmart, and etsy.



Red Roof Church

The Reyniskirkja Church in Vik, Iceland

Reyniskirkja Church in Vik Iceland rests high above the picturesque coastline with summer flowers in bloom and the jagged mountains in the background.

The above is a color splash, color highlight, color point, or emphasize color photo. This means only one color is visible, and the rest of the image is in black and white. For this image, I chose to highlight the red roof of this church because you don’t see a lot of building with red roofs.

This is during summer in Iceland so the mountains were green, the flowers were violet, and the sky was blue.

The Great Dismal Swamp

It’s not that bad.

I took a trip to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia, USA. In winter, it’s a lovely weekend trip, but I wouldn’t risk it in summer; the mosquitos must be horrendous.

Fall is the best season, it’s not too hot, all the pollen producing plants and annoying bugs die, and some great leaf colors.

Along the gravel car trail, there is a small trail to the 800-year-old tree, and as I reached the end of the boardwalk, I was a bit let down due to the lack of a plaque or sign.

Nice Zen bench but no marker for the 800 year old tree.

As I scanned left to right, I thought, how will I know which one is 800….oh there it is!

You might be thinking, why it’s the same height as the others trees? Funny answer, it’s been hit by lightning a couple of times, and it took a bit off the top each time.

The big drawl of the GDS is Lake Drummond, the largest natural lake in Virginia, and it’s full of bald cypress trees.

I nice short to enjoy late fall weather, and not a lot of people so real quiet and peaceful.

Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary

I have purchased an abridged version of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary, and below are some of my favorite entries enjoy. To be clear this is not the first English Dictionary, but it was the first to use quotes and was widely used, and some of it is catty, odd, and hilarious which is why it’s still talked about today.

Bibácious adj. [bibax, Lat.]: The quality of drinking much. Who knew there was a fancy word for drunk?

Bílingsgate n.s [A cant word, borrowed from Bilingsgate in London, a place where there is always a croud of low people, and frequent brawls and foul language.] Ribaldry; foul language. FYI croud is an older spelling of crowd.

Drágon: n.s. [draco, Latin, Dragon, French.] A kind of winged serpent, perhaps imaginary, much celebrated in the romances of the middle age. It’s the perhaps that gets me, he’s not ruling out that dragons might be real!

Goat n.s. [gat, Saxon and Scottish.] A ruminant animal that seems a middle species between deer and sheep. I would have gone with like a sheep but with less fur, not the love child of a deer and a sheep.

Gonorrhoea A morbid running of venereal hurts. Yeah, that covers it!

Jogger n.s. [from jog] One who moves heavily and dully. Samuel Johnson, not a fan of jogging, just like me.

Maize The whole maize plant has the appearance of a reed; the male flowers are produced at remote distances from the fruit on the same plant, growing generally in a spike upton the top of the stalk….(keeps going) Nothing funny about the Maize but this plant has a large paragraph while Japan is listed as “JAPA’N. n.s. [from Japan in Asia, where figured work was originally done.] Work varnished and raised in gold and colours.Keep in mind this was written in 1775, 200 plus years after the first Europeans visited Japan. China is only in the dictionary was place withe China (type of dish) is made.

Omlet n.s. [omelette, Fr.] A kind of pancake made with eggs.  Just eggs, you need to throw some cheese in their mate!

More to follow…

Painted Bison

Still playing around in Fotor Photo Editor with a photo of a Bison. Below is my starting photo, an American Bison standing in a wooded landscape. Note that the Bison is giving me the side-eye as if to say I know what you’re doing.

Below are the images generated using different art styles in Fotor Photo Editor, they have not paid me I just like the results.

Creating painting style art using an app and a black and white photo of a Bison.

You are my Sunshine

Continuing my use of App Fotor Photo Editor, I’m not paid for this endorsement, on the plant version of sunshine.. the Sunflower. This app is super easy to use, just drag your photo into the app, and then click the different art styles. The app does the rest.

Step 1, open the app and click Art Effects NFR Art Maker

Step two click and drag the photo into the app.

Photo I selected

Below are the artworks created by using the Fotor Photo Editor. https://jmptraveler.com/product/your-are-my-sunshine/


The Real Signs of Aging

People say hearing or memory is the first thing to go, but it’s not; we start aging a long time before then. Below are the real signs that you aren’t getting any younger.

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night to pee. In your teens and twenties, you could drink a 2-liter bottle of soda, go to bed at 2 am, wake up at 12 pm, and have a 5 min morning pee. Then one day that stops, you wake up at 6 am, it wasn’t a noise or an alarm. It’s your own bladder saying get up now, or I’m wetting the bed. 
  2. Pizza for breakfast gives your heartburn or eating two hours before bed gives you heartburn. That first heartburn is rough; you like what the heck is going on?!
  3. You stop staying up to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.
  4. Teenagers start calling you Sir or Ma’am. 
  5. The songs you listened to while growing up are now on the Classic Rock/Pop/Rap station. 
  6. You make an involuntary noise when picking stuff up or sitting down after a long day of work. 
  7. An afternoon nap becomes the highlight of a weekend.

Forced Creativity part 42

I’ve bI’ve been playing around with an app called Fotor Photo Editor (art options), where they take your photo and change to whatever art filter you choose. The only downside is the file sizes are less than 1 MB, so hopefully, I can find an App with a higher resolution.

Below is the Lion Fish photo I started with, and if you scroll down, you will see the generated artwork.


I crouched down and took an upshot of the Lion Fish to get the reflection at the top of the saltwater tank.


This art style is Dadaism, which I didn’t know was a thing. According to google Dadaism was developed in reaction to World War I; the Dada movement consisted of artists who rejected the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalist society instead of expressing nonsense, irrationality, and anti-bourgeois protest in their works.


This style is called Color Fantasy. I tried looking it up, and google gave me the I Don’t Know shrug. Best guess is it’s anything that is fantasy with bold colors.


Next up is Fauvism, the style of les Fauves (French for wild beasts), whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the realistic. This style would blend into French Impressionism and Cubism.


I would argue that this image is not a style of art but an art medium, it’s labeled
Pastel. Pastel is just a type of paint, like oil painting or watercolors. It looks French Impressionism to me, but I don’t have a degree in art so what do I know 🙂 .


Now we move into Pop Art, and I can see this next to a Can of Soup..


Last is Surrealism, which looks like the Fauvism style this app generated. Surrealism developed in Europe in the aftermath of World War I and was largely influenced by Dada. The movement is best known for its visual artworks and writings and the juxtaposition of distant realities to activate the unconscious mind through imagery. Think melting clocks and man with a green apple face, and you got Surrealism.

Gelling with Jelly’s

I was at an aquarium and became transfixed with the slowly rotating drum in the jellyfish tank. The rotating drum was equipped with what looked like LED lights and created these shifting color patterns in the jellyfish tank.

It looked great in person, but I had issues taking a good photo; ideally, I needed a tripod for a great shot, but I didn’t have one with me. The problem is speed and light. The LED lights created this groovy lava lamp effect; I needed to slow down the shutter speed to capture the lighting. If the shutter speed is too fast, the camera will not capture all the light and look too dark. You can increase the exposure to fix the issue; however, that can create a fuzzy or noisy background. Higher exposure in an aquarium would pick up food particles, glass reflection, and waste in the fish tank.

Usually, you will decrease the speed to remove the noise, but the jellyfish wouldn’t hold still; it was very rude of them. A slower shutter speed would translate the jellyfish movement into a blurry photo.

This is a long and technical way to say the photo was terrible. Then I started playing around with my favorite edit, gradient map, which selects and replaces colors in the image. Below are the results of my labor; photo two in the below set is the unedited version in case you wanted to see my starting point.