Visiting Antarctica

Part Nine Paradise Island

It was snowing. People, boats, and cameras were getting wet, but the penguins were fine with the snow. Of course, I don’t speak penguin so maybe they were complaining about it.

Paradise Island is where we saw dirty penguins; that’s not a euphemism; they do get dirty. Too much muck will mess up the waterproofing on their wings, so they take a bath in the ocean. The smaller Adelie penguin is not a baby, it’s just smaller than the Gentoo penguins, but it’s covered.

Below are a series of penguins jumping into the ocean for a bath or maybe food.

Below are two different iceberg types or shapes, the first is a Tabular iceberg, Tabular icebergs have steep sides and a flat top, much like a plateau. The other is non-tabular and I think looks like a hand curled around a snowball; what do you see? 

We have another person running up that hill.

This island’s summer research station looks like a model inside a snow globe.

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