Visiting Antarctica

Part Eight Danco Island

Today’s blog is about Danco Island, where the Penguins like to dance; their favorite is the hop. The gentoo pengin just nailed it’s landing, hopping from on rock to another.

Danco Island also had some very cool rocks, great patterns, colors, and shapes. There were two heart shaped rocks and a green rock resting in a puddle that looked like a frog.

I did find a tidal pool with starfish and some kind of plant, i’m guessing kelp or algae.

I also saw

I like to think the penguin is looking up at the flying birds with envy. We also have a new bird to add to the list a Snowy sheathbill, aka Chionis albus, they blend in very well. The only bridge color it’s in pink face and beak.

The water from the tide rollling in froze over into this ice wave pattern, it even had it’s own small icebergs. Sometimes it pays to be borded and just wonder around looking at everything.

I included the cruis ship to help with scale.

We are nearing the end, the last stops are Paradise Island, Cierva Cove, Mikkelsen Harbour, Deception Island, Half Moon Island, and the return to Argentina.

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