Visiting Antarctica

Part Ten Cierva Cove

In the song 12 Days of Christmas day 10 is ten lords leaping; I present the updated lyric ten penguins leaping. The below images were taken from the balcony of the ship, a group of penguins in the water is called a Raft (a group on land is a waddle).

We didn’t make landfall for this stop, we tour a zodiac around the cove. Below is an example of how galcier ice is different from the sea ice, the glacier ice is in the middle and it looks like a dinosaur head or maybe a dragon head.

The birds in this image are rock shag birds, and are around 66-71 cm or 25 inches tall, to get a scale of the rock and snow in the back ground.

We add a new anaimal today, the sea lion, check out the tiny triangle ears.

Fun Fact, Glaicer ice is so compact due to the pressure of multiple ice layers. It creates textured bubbles and it’s so clear because the pressure pushes out air bubbles.

Net week is Mikkelsen Harbor.

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