Visiting Antarctica

Part Seven Petermann Island

Petermann Island has a built structure; it’s one of the refuge huts in Antarctica, and Argentina built this one in 1955. If something happens, the weather turns nasty, and you need a place to hunker down, you have this building. All the ones I saw were painted red because the color sticks out. I do love the idea that the penguins might use it when the tourist are gone. Maybe the penguins in the photo are planning a pizza party once we leave the island.

There are some stunning peaks on Petermann Island; the dark-colored jagged rocks contrast nicely against the white fluffy snow.

There were two penguin colonies on this Island, Gentoo and Adélie; the penguins took turns going back into the ocean to get clean. If their feathers are too dirty, they become less waterproof. The large boulders on the only clear beach way lead to penguins jumping from rock to rock. You can see just the tips of the penguin’s feet on the rock. Somehow they make jumping look cute.

This is the farest south we went, we turned around and started heading home, with a few stops along the way.

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