How to recreate family holidays during lockdown

A lot of people will be having a small Thanksgiving/Christmas this year and will miss out on having a big get together. So here are some ways to mimic those big family gatherings. .1. Get everyone in the house (including pets) to stand in one corner of the kitchen, then try to reach around forContinue reading “How to recreate family holidays during lockdown”

Can you become a crazy fish lady?

It’s taken a good month but I just about done with my freshwater tank. I had a 10 gallon before, went through 3 beta fish, and gave up. I didn’t do my research, I just wanted aqua plants and felt bad for those poor beta fish in the tiny tuber-ware and became a pet ownerContinue reading “Can you become a crazy fish lady?”

Indoor actives for kids

AKA I’ve done everything during lockdown and I’m running out of ideas, help! Indoor Fort. Supplies: Bed sheets, four chairs, paper, coloring instruments, smores, flashlight, and children. To create the fort you need some bedsheets and four chairs to draped the sheet over. You can also use boxes, a big table, or even a washingContinue reading “Indoor actives for kids”

Crazy prediction of 2020

This year has been so surreal that I’ve decided to make some predictions for what will happen during the rest of the year. These are wild so if it doesn’t happen we can all laugh, if it does happen I look like a genius. #1Biden will pick Viola Davis for VP. #2. Superbowl will beContinue reading “Crazy prediction of 2020”

How do you come up with ideas?

I get this question a lot and sometimes it’s about my photography! I do have a creative brain, I think in quotes and songs, I can remember odd details about historical people/time, and I routinely drift off on a tangent in my mind long after the conversation has ended. It is hard to teach creativityContinue reading “How do you come up with ideas?”