Practical Travel Tips

What to know before you go!

Just some practical travel tips from someone that has traveled a lot.

  1. When you reach your hotel/motel/B&B take a card from the check-in desk that has the address of the hotel/motel. Then put it in your wallet. You can have multiple hotels chain names in the city/town you are visiting. It’s better to have the address written down, just in case you break/lose your phone or the battery goes dead.
  2. If you are parking your car at the airport, take a photo of the parking spot. Then email the picture to yourself, again if your phone dies you will have a backup. Because you will forget where you park when you get back.
  3. Drink filter water if you have a sensitive stomach or you always catch a bug making the rounds. The water might be fine to drink but different areas/countries have different levels of minerals or impurities in other countries compared to yours. So if you have a sensitive system (older, stomach issues like IBS, or just get sick a lot) best bet is to drink filter water or get a water bottle with a filter and fill it up. Any outdoor store will have water bottles with filters.
  4. Jet lag is real. You can get it going to your destination and coming back home. So if you are going back to work on Monday, try to keep your flight home to Saturday or Friday.
  5. If you take prescription medication take a photo or write down the Trademark name and generic name. International trademarks issues could result in some confusion if you need to get a refill. Weird trademark trivia, Heroin was a Trademarked name in 1895 by Bayer, yeah the aspirin company, as a non-addictive morphine substitute. Just to clarify it’s very addictive, don’t use it.

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