Werewolf Moon

I created this photo using three unrelated photos; one was a detail clear photo I had of the moon, another was an almost full moon with overcast cloudy sky, and the last was a day photo of barren trees during winter. I copied the clear moon over the moon in the overcast sky photo, didContinue reading “Werewolf Moon”

How do you come up with ideas?

I get this question a lot and sometimes it’s about my photography! I do have a creative brain, I think in quotes and songs, I can remember odd details about historical people/time, and I routinely drift off on a tangent in my mind long after the conversation has ended. It is hard to teach creativityContinue reading “How do you come up with ideas?”

How do you solve a problem like dull overcast?

You are on vacation and you want some fabulous photos of your trip (to make everyone at work jealous….oh and precious family memories) but the sky is a dull, dreary, weary, overcast meh. It’s not a moody mystical fog or darkly lit storm clouds it’s just blah. You can’t come back to this same placeContinue reading “How do you solve a problem like dull overcast?”