The Great Dismal Swamp

It’s not that bad.

I took a trip to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia, USA. In winter, it’s a lovely weekend trip, but I wouldn’t risk it in summer; the mosquitos must be horrendous.

Fall is the best season, it’s not too hot, all the pollen producing plants and annoying bugs die, and some great leaf colors.

Along the gravel car trail, there is a small trail to the 800-year-old tree, and as I reached the end of the boardwalk, I was a bit let down due to the lack of a plaque or sign.

Nice Zen bench but no marker for the 800 year old tree.

As I scanned left to right, I thought, how will I know which one is 800….oh there it is!

You might be thinking, why it’s the same height as the others trees? Funny answer, it’s been hit by lightning a couple of times, and it took a bit off the top each time.

The big drawl of the GDS is Lake Drummond, the largest natural lake in Virginia, and it’s full of bald cypress trees.

I nice short to enjoy late fall weather, and not a lot of people so real quiet and peaceful.

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