Partical Travel Tips

Part two

  1. Get a large UBS Wall Charger, and by large, I mean you can plug 4 or 5 USB cords into the charger. It never fails that the hotel has only one free electrical outlet, and you need to charge five items. Phone, camera, iPod, Kindle, headphones, etc.
  2. Double bag it. If I know, I will be buying loads of souvenirs. I pack everything into my smaller suitcase, and then I pack that suitcase into my largest suitcase. On the way back I fill up the smaller suitcase with souvenirs. This also works great when traveling in a group, one person double bags for everyone’s souvenirs; it helps avoid extra luggage fees for everyone.
  3. Four-wheel luggage. Get some.
  4. Get a small spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol; spray your feet with the alcohol after taking a shower at the hotel. It keeps foot fungus away.
  5. Save your twist ties and rubber bands and use them to tie up your electronic charging cords neatly. It stops the cables from getting tangled up in your luggage.
  6. Pack a pen or pencil in your carry-on luggage if you are going to another country so that you can fill in the customs form.

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