Travel Tips: What to Pack Edition!

  1. Make a list of everything you want to pack and when you pack the item in your bag, cross it off the list. Keeps you from repacking if you want to double-check.
  2. Pack twice the amount of medication you will need for your trip, if you are going for one week then take enough for two.  You don’t want to get caught short on Medicine if you have a delay.
  3. You will forget something, but as long as you have a wallet and medicine you have all you need.  You can buy anything else. 
  4. If you always bring back gifts from trips then double pack the suitcase.  Pack all your stuff in the smaller suitcase and Russia Doll it into a bigger suitcase.  No extra bag fee on the way out, and when you return home you have double the space for gifts and other stuff you purchased.  
  5. Put your wallet, ID/Passport, and tickets in a small bag you can hold otherwise you spend a lot of time searching for these needed items.
  6. Collapsable bottle for carry-on luggage, most airports have water bottle fill-up stations so you don’t have to worry about water fountain germs. We have all seen a kid put their mouth over the entire spigot, yuck.
  7. Get four-wheel luggage, sometimes more is more and four-wheel luggage is better than two. 
  8. Get some luggage organizer bags, I use to scoff at them but they do stop the consistent need to unpack and repack when looking for clean shocks.
  9. For general packing: Walking shoes, hat for shade, multiple slot USB charger, extra underwear, and socks (For a 7-day trip pack 9 pairs of both), pocket umbrella, small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. The spray bottle is for your feet after using the shower/bath to keep from getting foot/toe fungus.

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