Death by Donut.

I haven’t been able to get out much, like many people this past year, so I’ve started working on indoor creativity. I now have two freshwater aquariums and one dry terrarium with succulents plants. My latest project started with Skulls in vintage wigs and has morphed into Skeletons in different art styles. See below

The Skelton is a Halloween decoration with some locking joints to sit up straight in a chair. I dressed it in a black pillbox hat with a veil and a 18th Century UK judge wig. In its mouth is a real pink frosty donut with sprinkles, and it’s in front of a dark blue and grey abstract background.

My next step was to change my photo into artwork using the app Fotor Photo Editor. They have freestyles, but the good ones cost you :). If anyone knows of other apps that have different styles, let me know.

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I’m a world traveler and an amateur photographer, to date, I've visited seven continents and thirty-four countries. Due to bills (and a desire to eat), I am forced to work a mundane nine-to-five job to pay for my true passion. This blog is a way for me to share my crazy creative side, my travel photos with cheeky stories, travel tips, or details on how the photo was taken. Come join me as we travel the world together, without having to leave the house or get out of your PJs.

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