Swirling clouds in violet haze

Help, it’s one year into COVID shut down, and I’ve run out of photos to re-edit, my pets & kids run away when I get the camera out, and now I have nothing else to shoot. Well, worry not, because I have a photo idea for you.

Do not operate heavy machinery while looking at this photo.
It is suggested that you listen to 70’s psychedelic music when viewing this object.

Items you will need:

  1. Items you will need: Glass or crystal ball, also called a photo ball. It’s a hunk of glass in a sphere shape, you can purchase it at camera stores or any retail store like walmart, amazon, etc.
  2. LED Lights on a metal (usually it’s cooper) string, which allows you to create shapes with the lights.
  3. A camera and tripod.
  4. A room that can be made dark.
  5. Patience.

I wrapped the LED string around my fingers to create a stand, and then I placed the glass ball on top of the LED strings. Then set up the tripod and use the speed option on your Camera.

Usually, the speed option of the letter S on the camera dial lets you slow or speed up the shutter speed. The lower the number, the faster it goes, like a blink vs. a slow wink.

For a photo like the above, we need to slow the camera down and try a 5 to 10-second shutter speed, letting the camera soak in the light. Try taking a photo at different heights and angles because the light will reflect in different patterns.

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