Death by Donut


My latest project started with a Skulls in vintage wigs and has morphed into Skeletons in different art styles.  I call it my Death by Donut series.

The Skelton is a Halloween decoration with some locking joints, so it can sit up straight in a chair. I dressed it in a black pillbox hat with a veil and an 18th Century UK judge wig. In its mouth is a real pink frosty donut with sprinkles and its in front of a dark blue and grey abstract background.

This is a digital purchase; you purchase an image file to download; again, nothing will be shipped; this is a virtual transaction.


The thumbnail photo is a low-quality photo with watermarks, the downloaded file will not have a watermark and will be a larger JPED file. Please note the Copy Right remains with me, downloading doesn’t give your permission to resale or distribute the photo.

The price is for 14 different art syles


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