My Logic Brain Ruins Another Movie!

Spoilers for Netflix Film Stowaway

Plot holes and plot devices don’t bother me if I’m entertained, or the movie uses magic logic. However, a “serious” movie that’s using a series of medical or mechanical mishaps irks me… by a lot.

A good example would be sci-fi, where the space ships seem to fly faster than the speed of light, which in theory isn’t possible*. The shows/movies never say they are traveling faster than light, and they could be bending space via some tech that moves point B five miles from point A. When you try to ground and make something real, then the logic falls apart, and I am just picking at the holes.

The latest logic ruin movie is Stowaway. Many of the unfortunate series of effects seem fetched and not possible. Which made me start picking at the movie when I realized this story has been told before in the Martian, Apollo 13, and Saving Private Ryan, to name a few. You have a group of people who try every single possible avenue to save one person.

Which made me think why replay this theme, we’ve seen it before, and it was more entertaining. Why not go the other way, you have four people in a craft built for three, and there are no options left. How do you decide, what do you do if the person with the short straw doesn’t want to go, how does the group of three interact six months or a year later while still stuck in a tin can. How do you save the many if the one disagrees? It seems like that would be a more interesting story.

What movies have you ruined with a logic brain?

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