Forced Creativity with Mushrooms

AKA Fun with Fungus

After heavy rain in summer, you get these white mushrooms that pop in a day and are gone in another. So break out the camera and start clicking because you can have fun with fungi…..who doesn’t love a good pun.

When photographing mushrooms or mushroom-like fungi, there are two things to remember. One, get down; you need to get low or sit on the ground to get a good shot. Two, you will need to take a couple of close-up shots to get full-in-focus mushrooms.

The photo above shows the Cap in focus. If you want all the fungus in focus, you will need to edit multiple photos together. Then you can go nuts with gradient map or other pre-made filters, like the black and white Photoshop filter photo below. You don’t have to be a pro to get creative photos, a lot of apps have pre-made filters for easy creativity.

Just remember one will make you taller, and the other makes you small…..

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