Sleeping Beauty Ballet?!

I’m a big Disney fan and Sleeping Beauty is one of my favs and a big reason why is the music. Then I grew older and found out the music is by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovshy and fell in love with the music again. Then a few years ago I had some free time, not COVID-19 free time because I fear going out of the house but between holidays free time, and watched the Ballet. My thought was even is I don’t like Ballet I will still love the music and that’s when the Absinthe fuel day dream started.

I’m sure everyone know but just in case, the Disney Animated Fairytale movie (Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White….) are happier version of the Fairytale, usually the Brother’s Grime version. However they are multiple version or variations across the world. Which means I went into this expecting some differences and maybe the death of Sleeping Beauty, but these are are related in the sense that the Four Chris’s are related. FYI Hemsworth is the best Chris with Chris Pratt in an almost tie runner up.

Fairies. In Disney version we have three good fairies and one bad fairy (Maleficent), the ballet has SIX good fairies and the bad fairy is called Carabosse. That’s not a scary name that a off off brand coffee store. Carabosse is general performed by a male ballet dance in drag, which I love but I didn’t know Ballet or Russia culture was into camp? The main fairy, the Lilac Fairy who gives off Glenda the Good Witch vibe. You know like she could have fix everything in five minutes but wanted to teach Dorothy a lesson. She changes the curse from Death to 100 Years of sleep that happens.

Aurora. In this version Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty gets to live with her parents and the first Act is her sweet sixteen birthday. During said birthday she dances with her four suitors, I guess none of them had a great horse like Prince Philip. In my mind Prince Philip’s Horse is the great grandsire of Maximus in Tangles. Surprise old Carabosse shows up and the entire kingdom is knocked out for 100 years and the castle is covered in thornes. Then the Lilac Fairy lures this random prince to awake Aurora with a Kiss, she don’t know him how is that love in the disney version at least they meet first. Aurora wakes up and agrees to marry Prince Désiré (still not making this up) and that’s it. There’s no fight, no turning into a dragon, nothing.

Wedding. The last part of the ballet when the guest arrive to wish the couple well is differently the weirdest part of the ballet. The guest list is some hodgepodge of characters from other fairytales, and some are B list characters. Puss in Boots and the White Cat, Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Cinderella and her Stepsisters; the Bluebird and Princess Florine; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; and Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. I have no idea who the White Cat and Princess Florine are but the big question is, why is Cinderella there with her Stepsisters? Is this a prequel to Cinderella when they are all friends or some cruel act where the Stepsisters are servanets to Cinderella and must watch in envy? Also, in most of the tales her Stepsisters die so is this a retelling as directed by Tim Burton (which I kind of want to see now)?

Which leads to the last question of this tale. Did Tchaikovshy wait until the last min to come up with this idea and styled it out like the tailors in the Emperor has no clothes. Only smart people with artistic version will understand this ballet.

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