Photo Detail on Spooky Moon.

I created this photo using three unrelated photos, which is why I keep almost all of my photos; you never know when I need to add something.

The three photos I used were: one of the winter trees with barren branches, a photo of a full moon, and a photo of a almost full moon covered with a thin layer of clouds.

The next step is to copy the full moon and paste it over the cloudy 3/4 moon. I use the lasso option in Photoshop, but other Photo editing software has the same feature. Then you merge the two moon into one, save, and then open the merged photo in your photo edit software/App.

Now we move into the style of the photo, and this part depends on what you like. You don’t have to follow what I did you can choose your own adventure. I would suggest playing around with all the settings and deciding what you like the best. Below are the settings I chose if you want a starting point.

Once you are done with your settings, you need to overlay the tree branch photo onto your moody moon photo. To do that, you need to copy the tree photo and paste it onto the moon photo. Then you pick the blending option you like, or you can merge the photos.

Now you know how I created this photo.

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