Visiting Oregon

Part One.

I fly into Portland, Oregon, Internal Aiport, and I know where else I would fly into Portland. In next day I was driving along the Historic Columbia River Highway, which parallels Interstate 84, viewing Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

This area is jam-packed with waterfalls, mountains, valleys, trails, Art Nouveau buildings, and a Bonneville Dam. The plan was to drive east towards Hood River and check out half a dozen waterfalls. The plan was re-written. It was Saturday and the weather was sunny and in the 80’s so everyone was at the falls past 9 am. The parking along the Scenic Highway is limited and cars where lined up for the parking space hunt.

Tip: There is loads of parking if you drive on Interstate 84, the parking is between the Scenic Highway and 84, there is a path to cover the highway. Put on some walking shoes and visit all the waterfalls.

First stop along the Gorge was Chanticleer Point, it has two viewing spots overlooking the river with the Washington State starting at the opposite side. The haziness is due to smoke from a forest fire, I believe the fire was in Washington and the wind blew the smoke across the river. I was quickly distracted by a French Pointer Dog, real cutie don’t you agree.

Who’s a good girl?

I darkend the background in order to combat the smokey sky, it creates an early predawn light. Or you can go the black and white filter route.

The second stop can be seen from Chanticleer Point, the Art Nouveau building titled Vista House. The Vista house was design in the Art Nouveau style in 1916, I desaturated all the colors except for the Green in the stained glass windows and titled roof.

Your got to agree the view is Vista!

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