Visting Oregon

Day Two, part 4

The second day started out great with a delicious omelet. Western, aka Denver omelet, is my go-to. Packed and ready to hit the road, driving west to Newport, hopefully seeing a few waterfalls. Then it happed… The rental car wouldn’t start, and it had a dead battery. Everything got sorted; AAA came out in 30 mins but had to exchange cars at portland airport. I didn’t trust the car to work, but the new rental was better.

I didn’t get to stop and see more waterfalls in the Gorge, so the rest of the day was spent driving along the Oregon coast. The scenic road was, in my opinion, too close to the water; looked like a very high tide would overrun the road. This is when the foggy weather came in patches, some places were covered but you turn around a bend, and no fog.

Above was the first place I stopped, there was loads of fog, and the trees were permanently wind-blown. At another stop, it was sunny, but you can see the approaching fog.

That was it for day two, a lot of miles with few views. It didn’t get better; the next day, I was sick. Seems that staring into the mist trigger a migraine; I am very light-sensitive. You plan a trip for months or years, and when you get there, something will go wrong. Your car breaks down, you miss a connecting flight, or you don’t feel well. Just take a deep breath, rest, and focus on what you get to see vs. what you missed.

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