Visiting Oregon

Part three

After the falls and dam, it was back on the road to Hood River, to snap photos of two different bridges and then Mount Hood. If you are in Hood River and looking for some yummy food. Give Three Rivers Grill a try, had a yummy dinner looking out at Columbia River.

The Bridge of the Gods, let me explain. There used to be a land bridge crossing the Columbia River, and that was called the Bridge of the Gods. That crossing crumbled. When a bridge was built in the same area, they called it The Bridge of the Gods. I guess no one wanted Bridgy McBridge Face. On a clear day, you can see Mount Adams on the Washington State side of the bridge.

From Hood River, I traveled south to Lost Lake, where you lose GPS signal. Don’t worry you just stay on one road after turning off route 35. Driving along, I kept thinking I should be seeing Mount Hood; it’s the highest peak in Oregon. Then the road turned a corner, and bam, Mt. Hood could be seen behind the haze; it was big.

We made it to the boat dock in Lost Lake and lost the mountain; went back on the park road to its end (1/2 mile). Still no mountain. I walked to the stairs hoping the gap in the trees where Mt Hood was revealed like the curtains parting to the sight below.

A plethora of photos later, it was time to go back to Hood River for dinner and end the first day in Oregon. Dinner was at 3 Rivers Grill, yummy!!! So ends the First day of the trip.

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