How to recreate family holidays during lockdown

Many people will be having a small Thanksgiving/Christmas this year and will miss out on having a big get-together. So here are some ways to mimic those big family gatherings.

.1. Get everyone in the house (including pets) to stand in one corner of the kitchen, then try to reach around for items. It’s like a vertical twister game.

2. Start drinking the day before, then you will have a killer headache for Thanksgiving/Christmas, to mimic the one you usually get that day.

3. Reply to any sentence, comment, or question with one of the following: that’s the first thing Hilter did or paragraph one of the Communist Manifesto.

4. Chose one person, and only one, to do all the clean-up.

5. Get everyone in the car, pick a place to drive, turn off the GPS, get an out-of-date map, and enjoy.

6. This one is for three or more people. One person hides a can of food and can opener before the cooking starts. The second person goes into the kitchen to start cooking, and the third goes to “help.” When both parties start yelling, “Why wouldn’t it be in the same places as always” or “I am looking, and it’s not here,” you have won the game.

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