When covers are better than the original.

I love music. I hate my iPod touch, but that’s another story. Yesterday I found a cover song that I liked better than the original, so I thought I should make a list of cover songs that are better than the original. I’m sure numerous people with music degrees have covered this topic, but I’ve been in my house for a while, so just let me have this one. šŸ™‚

  1. The obvious cover songs people go to is Jimi Hendrix All along the watchtower. However, I prefer the Bear McCreary version from Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I love music and SciFi I’m a nerd2.
  2. House of the Rising Sun, again I feel like most people go to The Animals version but give Frijid Pink version a chance.
  3. Proud Mary. For years I thought that’s Tina’s song but it’s not, it was written and performed by CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) but even CCR will amitted Tina’s is the best.
  4. Tina makes my list again with Ike and Tina’s version of Honky Tonk Women vs the original by the Rollin Stones. Again I only know of Tina’s rock/pop music I didn’t know she sang the blues, but I only knew her as Tina, not Ike & Tina.
  5. I Heard It Through the Grapevine. I have three versions of this song; Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight & the Pips, and CCR. Technically it’s the same song but they each sing it in a different style and at a different pace than it’s like three different songs. If you make me choose I’m going with Gladys Knight. Side note does anyone know what Pips are, it doesn’t seem like a real word or it’s one of those UK English words.
  6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, Jane Krakowski. Go listen and thank me later.
  7. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by the one the only B.B. King. All hail the King.
  8. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Postmodern Jukebox. Postmodern Jukebox is the best they take songs from the 80s-to now and rework them into older genes, from the Flapper to Seventies Soul. I could make another list about them.
  9. Friend Like Me, Ne-Yo, but I still love you, Robin Williams. There is an Album called We Love Disney where different groups perform Disney songs.
  10. Hot Hot Hot by Bina Mistery, it’s from Bend it Like Beckham I don’t usually like romcoms but it’s a good one.
  11. I’m Still Standing performed by Taron Egerton in Sing, another good movie. He then went on to play Elton John in the movie Rocketman, so I guess Elton liked his version too.
  12. Into the Unknown performed by Panic! At The Disco, don’t freeze me out Idina Menzel you are still the Queen.
  13. Your Song as sung by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. I’ve seen the windmill in real life, very underwhelming.
  14. Louie Louie performed by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, it’s Joan Jett enough said.
  15. Satisfaction performed by Otis Redding, Redding version comes with horns and he puts some James Brown on it.
  16. Black Magic Woman conjured up by Santana.
  17. Jimi Hendrix’s version of Wild Thing.
  18. Commander Chris Hadfield Space Oddity, I love you Bowie and I know you loved seeing your baby performed in real Outerspace. If you haven’t watched Chris’s video of himself in signing Space Oddity in the International Space Station then go watch it, it’s beautiful and moving and everything music can be.

Shout out if your favorites didn’t make the list.

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    1. I don’t know how but years ago I found a version by Yael Naim, her version is a bit Bjork lite and plays in my head a few times each year but I don’t know why.

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