Crazy prediction of 2020

This year has been so surreal that I’ve decided to make predictions for what will happen during the rest of the year. These are wild, so if it doesn’t happen, we can all laugh; if it does happen, I look like a genius.

#1Biden will pick Viola Davis for VP.

#2. Superbowl will be Pats vs. Buccaneers. Coach Belichick will then sing, baby come back to Tom.

#3. North and South Caroline will forgive and forge and then rejoin to form the State of Caroline.

#4. Coach Dean Smith will come back as a Force Ghost and lead the Tarheels to victory. Disney has enough money to make this happen.

#5. Nov 5, 2020 (Guy Fawkes Day) The US will rejoin with the UK to form USK

#6. Someone will invent a time machine to really see what the founding father would think. When they arrive in the future, the founding fathers will freak out at the sight of the future and die of shock. We all agree as a united country to never speak of it again.

#7. The city of New Orleans will change its name to Old Orleans to lure hipsters to the city.

#8. The state of Mississippi tried of people misspelling its name will remove the I’s and S’s to become the state of Mpp.

#9. The Scone vs. Scon debate will kick off this year and result in spilled tea and severe tutting.

#10. U.K will be shocked when the Queen is traded to the EU to keep fishing rights.

#11. Last U.K. prediction. Southern Rail trains will run on time.

#12. WW3 will kick off when Switzerland picks a fight with the Dalai Lama.

#13. The US will start calling soccer football.

#14. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook will merge to form Skynet, no one will notice.

#15. Aliens are real, and we find out Earth is listed as a rest stop in galactic maps.

Which one is your favorite?

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