Fire Mountain


View of Mountain in Iceland called Vestrahorn, which translates to West Horn so it’s a Horny Mountain (I love a good pun).  This was taken in winter so the reflection is from an icy layer of saltwater that came in on the high tide.  The photo was taken during the golden hour which is 3 PM in winter, the sunrise is at 10 which is great for photographers.

I did a Gradient Map to switch out the color to make it fire mountain, Gradient filters are just photo edit sunglasses with two or more colors.  They are placed on top of the photo and change the colors, if you lift your sunglasses the view is usually a bit different in tone or color just depends on the lens color.


Thumbnail photo is a low-quality photo with watermarks, the downloaded file will not have a watermark and will be a larger JPED file. Please note the Copy Right remains with me, downloading doesn’t give your permission to resale or distribute the photo.


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