Visiting Antarctica

Part Five

It snowed; probably the only snow I will see this year, but I got snow in Antarctica, and somehow it wasn’t cold. Maybe the cuteness of penguins warmed my heart. Or I dressed in layers and kept my mouth covered; breathing in cold air just makes you cold, so wrap a scarf around yourself or get out that cloth mask.

We get a new Penguin at Neko harbor, it’s a little smaller than the Gentoo, and they lack the splash or orange around its eye and beak. This new penguin is an Adélie penguin; notice the white eye ring a bit like a monocle.

The Gentoo and Adélie were sharing this harbor, and I caught a Gentoo sneaking up on an Adélie. It’s a penguin photo bomb.

I did watch the Penguin’s courtship calling; they tip their heads back and yodel. You know the feeling if you have been to a packed public event. Honey, where are you? I’m over here; where’s here?! It also reminds me of a kid in the mall, mom, mom, Mom, MOM, MOM!!!!!

Also saw some birds; the first is a Kelp Gull, and the second is a Brown skua.

It was so quiet around the Harbor that the only noise we could hear from the boat was the penguins. Sound carries over the water, so you heard them before you saw them.

The last photo from Neko Habor is a snowball-sized iceberg from sea ice. These ice flakes are the start of sea ice.

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