Visiting Antarctica

Part 2 Day 3

The first full day on the Drake Passage, the ship made its way out of the beagle channel and into the Drake while everyone was alseep. The Drake passage is named after Sir Francis Drake, who didn’t make the trip himself, but one of his ships did find it. The passage is where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans collide spectacularly; that’s why it’s a rough ride.

What’s the see in the endless sea? Loads of birds (Petrel, Albatross, Gulls), Icebergs, and maybe some whales; the last two depend on the great throwing of the ice fields. It did snow over the ocean which might be the only snow I get this year.

How to deal with sea sickness? Start taking the motion seasickness medication the night before when you leave the port in Argentina. Stopping motion seasickness from starting is the best defense; it’s hard to cure once you start puking.

  1. Eat something; an empty stomach makes it worst.
  2. Keep yourself occupied; if you have nothing to focus on but feeling sick, it will make it worst. Watch TV/Movies, read a book, listen to music or podcast, walk around, or talk to people, don’t focus on your stomach.
  3. If you do lie down, lie on your left side. It helps with nausea and acid reflux.

Below are images from the Drake Passage, birds, snow, and the Ocean. I’ve never been out over the deep ocean; the blue color and patterns were hypnotizing to this landlubber.

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