Visting Oregon

Day 7, part 8

Off to Crater Lake. Traveling south, the park has an upside-down ‘p’ shape; it’s a straight road for a few miles, and then you reach the crater, becoming a loop road. Make sure to use the overlook parking stop, turn around, and view Mountain behind you.

I was focusing to the right of me, then I turned around, and bam, that’s the shot to get. This is why you should do a 360 before taking a photo because the view behind you might be better than the one in front. If you are wondering about the mountain name, it’s Mt Thielsen.

The loop road takes you around the crater but in some areas further away from the lake, like the Pinnacles, they are like underwater sea vents but above water. I like the contrast between the green trees and the grey vents.

I also ran across a few trees I had to photograph, including this gnarled tree trunk and a tree stump with a lot of cracks.

But you didn’t click on this blog for tree photos; you are here for the lake. My last remarks about the park are to keep going around the loop before you pick a sunset spot. There was no named outlook stops on the map after Cloudcap Overlook, but there are pull-over spots after that point. Where you are down near the lake surface, but I only saw them on the way out. Please enjoy the following photos of Crater lake, Wizard’s Island, Phantom Ship, and the sunset.

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