Sell Your Piss

Let me explain. Over the history of humankind, urine has been sold for industrial uses, dyeing cloth and saltpeter, and I’m sure there are more examples.

The reason pee-pee was used for dyeing cloth is for the ammonia, which can create different hues of color and is a great binding agent (seals in color). When using the woad plant, you would use the stale fermented number one to dye cloth blue. The smell was so bad that Queen Elizabeth the Frist band woad processing within four miles of her Castles. The ammonia was also great for cleaning the clothes made from dyed cloth.

The second industrial use is making saltpeter, a crucial ingredient for gunpowder. To create gunpowder, you need potassium nitrate, and wiz plus oxygen equals nitrate. There are even calls for church-going women to save pee to help make gunpowder for the English and American Civil wars.

Since it has so many uses, you could collect the golden showers from your home and sell them. This is also how we get the phrase, Piss Poor; you are so poor you collected and sold your piss.

The real question is, who was the first to discover this knowledge? I think the dye maker got drunk and pissed in the pots; the saltpeter remains a mystery.

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