Random Thoughts: Practical Parental Advice

Let’s be honest most Parental Advice is philosophical in nature: If people don’t like the real you, then they are a fool; well, I’m not “insert name” parents, and everyone’s favorite you will understand when you are older. So below is usable, practical knowledge for everyday life from Parents.

  1. Always go (bathroom) before you leave. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stuck in traffic and thought, it’s a good thing I went, I would be bursting otherwise.
  2. If the 18 wheelers are hauling (going fast) then no speed traps ahead. This one is starting to become outdated with the rise of waze.
  3. Put newspaper in the kitchen trash can, then put the trash bag in the can. The newspaper will absorb bad smells.
  4. When buying/renting a home make sure it has a covered place to park your car. It might cost more money, but it’s worth it to never have to scrape ice off your car windows. This advice doesn’t apply to places that never get below freezing
  5. Never get black floor tiles, it will show every speck of dirt and water droplets. You can’t just wipe it up with a paper towel you have to get down and clean it, it takes effort.
  6. Very rarely does your college major apply to your job. This doesn’t apply to people that want to work in Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc.
  7. Upgrade or fix issues with your new home before you move in. You will think/say I’ll fix it later or if we DIY we will save money. Wrong! You will not upgrade itself and when you hire someone you end up with handwashing dishes in your bathroom sink. Save up the money to renovate along with a downpayment and other moving costs.
  8. Wash your hands before you eat, use your foot to flush public toilets, and grasp door handles using your shirt as a buffer. You might have laughed at this one before COVID-19 but you aren’t laughing now.

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