Werewolf Moon

I created this photo using three unrelated photos; one was a detail clear photo I had of the moon, another was an almost full moon with overcast cloudy sky, and the last was a day photo of barren trees during winter. I copied the clear moon over the moon in the overcast sky photo, did some edits (shadows, color balance), and then merged it with the trees. I used Photoshop and Camera Raw option in Photoshop to create the look. This is also the reason why I save all my photos even the bad ones, I also have a folder that photos of the sky that I can use for other photos.

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I’m a world traveler and an amateur photographer, to date, I've visited six continents and twenty seven countries. Due to bills (and a desire to eat), I am forced to work a mundane nine to five job to pay for my true passion. This blog is a way for me to share my crazy creative side, to share my travel photos with cheeky stories, travel tips, or details on how the photo was taken. Come join me as we travel the world together, without having to leave the house or get out of your PJs.

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